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Sibiu Tourist Guide

Strada Justiţiei, Sibiu

The following places can be found in Strada Justiţiei in Sibiu:

Casual Dining Restaurant

Eating out in Romania is generally a casual affair, with smoking/non-smoking rooms and, if you're lucky, some live music.

Restaurant Cardinal

Strada Justiţiei, Nr. 9, Sibiu

T: 0269 214 814

Pensiune, Sibiu

Numerous pensiuni provide comfortable private accommodation, with breakfast included and often their own restaurant.

Casa Cardinal

Strada Justiţiei, Nr. 9, Sibiu

Situata langa legendara Biserica din Groapa, va asteapta cu drag!

T: 0269 214 814

Café, Sibiu

Open during the day for tea & coffee and also often alcoholic drinks and small snacks. Outdoor seating is popular during the summer months.


Strada Justiţiei, Nr. 10, Sibiu

M: 0744 275 151

Church/Biserica, Sibiu

Biserica Ortodoxă 'Din Groapa'

Strada Justiţiei, Sibiu

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